Contemporary portraiture is an essential component of wedding photography.

It’s all about you

Portraits are probably my favourite part of a wedding shoot.
They are a vital part of the wedding day and tend to be the photos you have on display and pass on to friends and family.

I always look to make my wedding portraits personal to the couple, whilst at the same time incorporating my personal style. I am partial to a dreamy, cinematic portrait without losing any sense of context that is provided by the venue.

My approach to the portrait session is to make sure you are both comfortable and relaxed.
I use minimal direction to draw out the most natural poses for the couple.

I include a full Black and white set with all of my packages.
Some photos simply pop when given the monochrome treatment.

While there are standard go-to poses, this time is all about you and what is achievable.
I prefer to steer away from cheesy ‘snap-shots’ and like to let you pictures be beautiful but more importantly, authentic.

Portrait sessions usually last 30-60 minutes depending on your wedding plan.
Whatever the duration, we will work together to generate a beautiful set of images.